The Barn Facelift

The Barn Facelift

There’s always been that image in my mind of the barn I would build if I could start from scratch. Of course, sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got! When we moved here, the barn had slatted walls from floor to ceiling. It was claustrophobic, dark and slightly creepy, but we made it work for five years. By this summer, I realized that the barn was desperately needing a coat of paint so now would be the perfect time to have our friend Santana come out and tackle this project with us.


Santana used all of the original wood for the project except for the headers and the toppers of the half walls on the stalls. We added two windows in the chicken coop, cleaned everything from the upstairs, threw out bags and bags of old supplies, ripped out some floors, added to our stairs, put in stall mats, added lots of bright lighting, pressure-washed, painted, and organized all of the supplies down there. Thank goodness this occurred over the Labor Day weekend so Charles was here to help and tackled all the big projects.


We have a few more loose ends to tie up, but for the most past, the barn will look phenomenal for our October PPCA event here at the farm! Tour Guide Charles is already practicing his tour snippets. HA!


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