Shhh…Business For Sale

Shhh…Business For Sale

In December of 2017, I began researching business brokers and took some online courses on “Preparing Your Business For Sale.” We choose three companies to interview. The first wanted us to pay them a fee upfront and seemed a bit pushy. The second had a dog that lived outside, so not exactly in line with what our ideas of pet ownership. By the third meeting, I was feeling a bit discouraged until I learned that a broker in their office was actually a pet sitting client of ours. We were sold once we met with Mark of Sunbelt Business Brokers. He was fabulous, spent the time to sit down and get to really understand our business, as well as the complications of also selling our home in the same transaction.

Can I just take a second to tell you how challenging it is to list a company for sale, completely anonymously, and schedule showings when no staff members were there?

With our staff being onsite from approximately 7 AM to 9 PM….we had quite a few challenges. And, showings were no small feat. With a boarding facility, two homes, three barns, a detached garage and a 3200 square foot warehouse on five acres, showings usually took well over an hour. There were a couple of showings within a few weeks of listing, but then a bit of a lull. And then, one June evening….completely out of the blue, I got a text from one of our very favorite former employees, Robyn. She asked, a bit hesitantly, if our business was for sale. She has seen a listing online and said it sounded like us, and, it WAS! Robyn and her husband, Keith, had moved from the area about five years early when they purchased a doggy daycare in Chamblee. They were actively looking to expand their business, and missed living in the Canton area that they had previously called home for twenty seven years.

The stars aligned, we had their showing as well as another on the same day. Two days later, we had two offers. Of course, we went accepted the offer from Robyn, Keith and their nephew Austin. This began two months of torture…I mean, due diligence and finally, our closing.

Charles, Sarah, Robyn, Keith and Austin at Closing

I honestly couldn’t think of a better fit, and I knew we were passing this torch along to the right people. In actuality, this time was so emotionally and physically draining….this post barely scratches the surface. I will delve into more details in upcoming posts.

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