Foster Failure

Foster Failure

No surprise here…well, actually, I even surprised myself a little with our latest addition. I have said for several (post-children) years that I would not add any more dogs to our household. We finally had a nice ebb and flow with our pack and they caused us very little stress compared to years past. Penny and Finnegan were just like Pinky and the Brain and we never had to worry about much with the logistics of their pack. They got along, never fought, and each had their own set of preferences and dislikes (meaning nothing to fight over). Long story short, this little dude (formally Chacho, now Chaco) has officially joined our family and he is my little shadow.┬áHe had a dental done recently and they had to pull 10 teeth—but he must feel so much better because he needed it badly! He’s not a snuggler for long periods, but IS a leaner and loves leaning on whoever is petting him. I’m smitten already…plus that snout is enough to make me smile each day!


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