Birthday Party and Diapers Galore!

Birthday Party and Diapers Galore!


We celebrated Charlotte’s birthday on Saturday, March 12th. We started planning in October of last year. When I say planning, not really planning the party but just cleaning all the CRAP out of our warehouse so we could have the party there. We had garage sales, trips to the local donation center, bonfires to burn scrap wood, large yard projects (we rebuilt the well out front!) to clear out stuff, I could go on.


We busted it EVERY weekend from October until this past weekend. Charles worked late nights out there organizing tools, sweeping, and getting his music room back in working order. We hung strings of lights across the ceiling which was a daunting task. {Keep in mind, the warehouse is approximately 3000 square feet}. Holding 150 glass light bulbs while climbing up a ten foot ladder wasn’t exactly easy, but luckily they sent us an additional 25 light bulbs.


We decorated all week and had everything set and ready to go. The day of the party was relatively easy! I just picked up balloons, food and cakes! We had so many friends and family members here-it was fantastic. We had Miss Gail (of Miss Gail and the Jumpin’ Jam Band) here to host a music program for the kiddos. It was SO fun!


Instead of gifts, we requested guests bring a donation of diapers or wipes, if they were able. A few days before the party, I got the grand idea of creating an Amazon wishlist for family that lived far away. It consisted of diapers and wipes in all price ranges and it took on a life of it’s own. I was blown away when the UPS driver started showing up with five and ten boxes of diapers to deliver to us at the end of each day. People that we didn’t even know were sending diapers! The outpouring was amazing. In all, we collected a total of 5630 diapers and 7436 wipes!!! I barely fit them all in my car and we delivered them all to North Fulton Community Charities this morning after a breakfast out with the birthday girl. It was phenomenal.


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