Big Day For The Farm Family

Big Day For The Farm Family

What started out as a “typical” (whatever we consider typical around here) day ended up being one of the biggest days in farm family HISTORY!


Scene: Phipps Plaza, Santa, November 2nd, 2016


Yes, that’s right, we went to see Santa on November 2nd. Yes, I’m aware that is quite early but it worked with our schedule and when you work in my industry, there is absolutely no time as it gets closer to the holidays. Anyways, back to the scene. Santa visit ended as expected, screaming meltdowns and terrible (hilarious) photos. It was what was happening in other parts of Atlanta at the same time as our Santa visits that was a MUCH bigger deal!


At 9:45 AM, the farm family grew as Rob and Kristin welcomed their first little one, Wyatt Michael at Northside Hospital. We were anxiously awaiting the news of his arrival as Kristin and Rob had left for the hospital the night before. I was able to head to the hospital after we left our Santa visit while Charles dropped our kiddos off at school and went to work. After waiting with much anticipation in the hospital waiting areas along with the new grandparents, we got to meet the little nugget! To see how quickly Kristin and Rob fell into their new¬†parent roles warmed my heart, but after seeing them the past three years with our kids, I had no doubts it would come to them easily. I’m so happy to be an auntie to this cute little bug and got to enjoy a brief visit before I left to go pick up my own trouble-makers at preschool. Owen and Charlotte were so excited to hear all about their new cousin Wyatt on our way home from school….until we got into a car accident just in front of Milton High School. Although the wreck put a damper on the day, everyone was ok and we were lucky that Charles was not far away and could pick us up.


Now, it was time to get home and prepare for Andrews party of Three to come home from the hospital in just a few short days!

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