A Day On The Farm

A Day On The Farm

Summer Time Preparations Are In Full Swing

We had a busy Wednesday around here! From yard work, to alpaca shearing, the day was packed from sunup to sundown. We just rotated all the large animals from their winter pasture to across the driveway, where they can now graze since the grass has grown in nicely. We will now weed and fertilize the winter pasture so that we can move some or all of them back across once they have managed to finish off the grass in their current pasture.

The chickens are laying lots of eggs due to the longer days and additional sunshine. Some days we are getting as many as two dozen. Our flock of about forty ladies and one roo are varying ages. Some of our older gals don’t lay as many eggs these day but they get to enjoy their retirement out on the farm. The younger gals are making up for it by laying almost daily!

Our house has been in a constant state of controlled chaos. We “inherited” a neglected fish tank and ELEVEN new fish, we have a new foster pup here and a pup needing some extra medical attention from the kennel. Mink, our “most photographed” chicken on the farm, has been dealing with some neurological issues. She’s been residing on our back porch during the day and in our lower level at night. The kids are loving the constant activity on the farm. It keeps our days and our hearts full.


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